Her Most Common Fantasies

While a lot of vague "research" and statistics claim that men think about sex every few seconds, women, too, frequently entertain sexy thoughts, especially during the act. (And for good reason: Women who fantasize during sex and arousal are more likely to experience orgasm than women who don't.)

But as similar as the sexes may be in terms of frequency, women's fantasies are different from men's in some significant ways.

Details, Details, Details

You men tend to focus on the details - specific body parts and their activities. While women's fantasies are just as vivid, they tend to lack the same descriptive details about the object of the fantasy. Not only is she not fantasizing about your impressive member, she's not even picturing your face! Instead, she focuses more on how the fantasized situation makes her feel.

Spotlight on Submission

Women are more likely to have fantasies of being the passive recipients of sex (whereas you guys get off on being the active partner). It's not about being dominated, exactly, though - it's about her irresistible sex appeal, which causes some guy to be so overcome with passion, he just has to have her.


Yes, even in her dirty daydreams, she's pretty monogamous. Men tend to fantasize about a greater number of partners, often switching imagined lovers during the fantasy, while women tend to stick with one particular person for the whole scenario.

The Ex Factor

Women are more likely to dream about someone they have had - or wish they've had - an actual sexual encounter with (as opposed to the celebrities and random strangers that fill your naughty heads, boys). While guys tend to get off on the idea of anonymous babes, women's fantasies are more emotional. Twice as many women than men fantasize about their current partner.

Girl on Girl

Some fantasies we can all agree on! Women (yes, straight ones), who also tend to be more bi-curious than men, are much more likely to have same-sex fantasies. Don't feel left out, though, usually she wants you to watch.

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