Why He Didn't Call

It's one of the great inexplicable mysteries of the male species. You can forge a great initial connection with a cute guy, exchange contact info and then...nothing. Before you pick up the phone - again - just to double check it's working, read on for the reasons he didn't dial.

You were overeager.
Um, could it be that you freaked him out by handing him your number with a needy monologue along the lines of "Are you gonna call? You'd better call. I hate it when guys don't call." He wants to know you're interested. But he also wants to know you won't be lurking outside his house peering into his windows.

You weren't eager enough.
Don't make it seem like you're doing him a favor by deigning to give him your digits with a dismissive, "Well, I guess you can have it." It's hardly a shocker: He's only going to dial if you really seem attracted.

He was just too busy.
He really did dig you, but then he had a crazy day at work, his dog got sick and he was out of town on business. By the time he got around to it, it seemed too late and he didn't want to risk you not remembering who he was. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

Hello! He's just not interested.
Listen up and listen good. Sometimes he's just being polite. Sure he seemed interested! Yes, he did touch your arm a lot and laugh at your jokes! But at the end of the day, he just didn't feel enough of a sizzle to pick up his cell phone. Don't take it personally (even though, well, it is personal). Just be glad you escaped dating such a duplicitous dude.

He's waiting for you.
Consider it a trade-off for that whole equal rights thing. More and more fellas are saying sayonara to the old-fashioned approach and letting the ladies' fingers do the walking. So, if you've got his digits - and are dying to see him again - pick up the damn phone already.

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