5 Secrets for Having Great Sex, Every Time

Alright, so maybe there's no formula to fantastic sex every time (in fact, having an expectation like that will lead to inevitable disappointment). But you can increase your chances of reaching nookie nirvana on a more routine basis.

Read this and then hit the sheets!

Great sex is….about finding the right angle.

For women especially, really satisfying sex is all about angles: what part of his body hits hers, where and how. (Geometry hasn't been this much fun since…well, ever.) Experiment with different positions. Try propping yourselves up with pillows. Don't forget to remember what works for future reference.

Great sex is…the result of a lot of practice.

Desire (and orgasm) is a 'use it or lose it' proposition. If you stop thinking about and having sex, your body stops producing the pheromones that attracts the opposite sex and the hormones that make you want to get busy. So keep on getting it on, even on those nights you'd rather just watch the Daily Show and go to bed. We bet you'll have fun anyway, once you get started.

Great sex is….something to talk about.

Satisfied lovers are not lying there, staring up at the ceiling, sending thought vibes like, "More…to…the…left." What a waste of time! You both could've climaxed in the time you spent naively hoping your partner would figure out the right move in the right place at the right time. So much better to just speak up or show 'em how it's done.

Great sex is…more than just intercourse.

Some people think foreplay is just a necessary pre-cursor (and, sadly, don't think of after-play at all). But if your definition of sex is limited to just straight-up intercourse, you're missing out on at least half the fun. Make flirting and foreplay — and après-sex cuddling and recapping — a bigger part of your sex life.

Great sex is…not going to happen on its own.

Great sex requires all kinds of work in keeping each other interested (yes, sometimes this requires logging a few hours at the gym). It requires making the first seducing move as often as you just wait to be seduced. It requires doing more than just lying there, more than just trotting out the same three positions you always do. Trust us, though, it's worth the effort.

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