Five Secrets Great Lovers Know

All but the luckiest of us know exactly what makes a bad lover bad, but it's less immediately apparent what separates the good ones from the great ones. But the secrets to oh-my-god-you-could-cut-off-my-arm-and-I-wouldn't-notice sex are rarely in the technical details or elaborate costuming. Great lovers know that the secrets to really great lovemaking are all quite simple.

  1. Great Lovers Love Sex. Sure, we all enjoy making love, but great lovers love it. If they're not having sex, they're thinking about it. When great lovers have a headache, they don't say "Not tonight, dear", they opt for the orgasm as a cure. Great lovers don't need music and candlelight to get in the mood, they've spent the entire day dreaming up sexy scenarios to play out with their sweethearts later. Great lovers don't save their romantic urges for an hour or two of bedroom acrobatics; they encourage a sexy mood all day.

  2. Great Lovers Are Indulgent. If you can't delight in the feel of spring sunshine warming your face, or appreciate the cool sweetness of a juicy peach, how can you be able to really appreciate lovemaking? Great lovers are sensualists, enjoying how each experience arouses their sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. With the right attitude, even the most mundane task can have an erotic flavor. Focusing on each of your senses can result in a whole new sexual awareness.

  3. Great Lovers Are Confident. A great lover rarely wonders if they're making a weird face during orgasm or if their butt looks big from that angle. Great lovers are able to enjoy sex more, knowing that their your lover is not thinking about that tummy jiggle. Being comfortable and feeling sexy in your own skin means you can focus more on what amazing sensations your body is capable of feeling... and giving.

  4. Great Lovers Try New Things. If you're part of a long-term couple, you know exactly what gets you turned on. Unfortunately, that knowledge leads to some ho-hum sex. Great lovers keep trying new things, even if it's something as simple as testing out a new position or locale. Even the smallest changes trick your brain into thinking it's doing a whole new sexy thing.

  5. Great Lovers Have Fun. "Sex is two things," says Dr. Galdino Pranzarone, a sexologist, and professor at Roanoke College in Salem, Va. "It's funny and wet." Great sex in the real world is nothing like the romantic and all too serious lovemaking in the movies. Your body makes weird noises. You get into awkward positions. Any number of funny things can - and do - happen. Great lovers can laugh about it.

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