Ten Ideas for a Great Date

Wrapped up in yet another tedious "I don't know, what do you want to do" conversation about your Saturday night plans?

Know this, guys. Women love creative dates, and, more than that, a man with a plan. There are hundreds of great ideas you can spring on your date for the same budget as your typical dinner and a movie.

May we suggest instead...

Dream Date #1: Rent Some Luxury
Grab your local yellow pages and look into leasing some of the good life. You can rent a hot tub for a guaranteed steamy weekend, or rent a fabulous set of wheels, or a limo, for a romantic road trip. For the cost of a few fancy-schmancy dinners, you can also charter a 30-40 yacht (and a certified captain, if you don't know your port side from your backside).

Dream Date #2: Take Off...
...Even if it's just to the hotel down the street. Even the most routine Friday night - pizza delivery and a rented movie - seems exotic when you're doing it somewhere with a stocked minibar and chocolates on the pillows. Have vacation sex without having to wade through airport security or miss a day of work.

Dream Date #3: Flirt with Firearms
Contact the National Skeet Shooting Association for a field where they'll hook you up with a gun and eye and ear protection. All you'll have to buy is a box of ammunition for an afternoon of firing rounds at clay pigeons. And because skeet shooting is about hand-eye coordination and not strength, ladies have a fair shot at kicking their dates butt at it.

Dream Date #4: Play the ponies.
Hit the local racetrack for a day of low-risk gambling. You don't even have to open your wallet if you play for future dates (or sexual favors). Her horse wins and you're off to that art gallery opening. His horse finishes first and it's next Friday night at the ballpark.

Dream Date #5: Have A Playdate
Formal dates just feel a little stuffy to you? Have some childish fun with your closest playmate. Try finger painting (though why limit yourself to just one body part?), building a fort in the living room, playing tag. Once you've worked up an appetite don't forget to share a snack: pudding, Jell-O, whipped cream, anything you can feed each other.

Dream Date #6: Learn A Lesson
Exercise your sexiest muscle - your brain. Find a one-day class on something that interests both you and your favorite study-buddy. But challenge yourselves to try something with a little sex appeal. (That seminar on personal finance just won't do). Think yoga, tantric sex, rock climbing or salsa dancing.

Dream Date #7: Get High
For once, you can impress her with your hot air... A couple hundred bucks per person can get you an hour-long sunrise or sunset ride in a hot air balloon in most areas. Again, check your local yellow pages, or look up Soaring Adventures of America, which has 200 locations nationwide.

Dream Date #8: Go Shopping
Ladies, pack your man and your credit card and head to your nearest upscale lingerie store for a little fashion show. Let him pick out what ensembles to try on and which you'll take home. Just don't blame us if store security busts you getting busy in the changing room.

Dream Date #9: Pretend You're Tourists
Most people rarely take advantage of all their hometowns have to offer. (How many New Yorkers do you know who've been to the top of the Empire State Building? Exactly.) Figure out where all the visitors flock and then hit the same hotspots. You may learn something new about your area... or at least have a few laughs making fun of the sightseers.

Dream Date #10: Let Fate Decide
Dig out your old Magic Eightball and spend the entire day using it as your guide. Let destiny make the heavy date-decisions: "Eight-Ball, should we go skinny-dipping?", "Eight-Ball, should we ignore the 'no trespassing' sign?" (We take no responsibility for any trouble fate gets you into).

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