Are You Getting Rejected?

There are as many ways of getting rejected as there are reasons for it. There are the obvious ones — "I'm just not ready for a relationship right now" — and the mysterious clichéd ones — "It's not you, it's me."

Some are so politely vague we don't even realize it's a brush-off. So, here, as a public service to those of you in the dating pool, we offer this handy translation guide to the six most commonly misinterpreted rejections.

"I'm Not Attracted to You In 'That Way'"

Translation: I'm not attracted to you at all. You might also hear this one as "You're such a good friend." Which you can interpret to mean, "I will not ever sleep with you." While it seems pretty upfront in its finality, some people just don't seem to get that if you lack the necessary 'that way' attraction, it's not ever going to grow. You have been relegated to the Friend Zone.

"You Deserve Better"

Translation: I deserve better. Basically, your date wants out, but wants you to feel good about it. It's kind of a brilliant rejection, when you think about it. It's complimentary while presenting a bulletproof argument. After all, are you really going to disagree that you can't do better than this loser?

"I Just Want to Take Things Slow"

Translation: I'm waiting for a better offer. This isn't actually an out-and-out rejection, but rather a nice way of saying you're Plan B. Which might be fine with you…until someone better comes along and your date feeds you one of those more final rejections.

"My Life Is Too Complicated Right Now"

Translation: I'm too busy having sex with people who aren't you. Much like "I just want to take things slow," this line is all about expressing a need to find a better offer. Except this rejection hints that the search for that offer is in full swing. Take a number and head back to the end of the line, or look elsewhere.

"I Just Need to Work on Me Right Now"

Translation: I don't want to work on you, right now or ever. This is the line you'll hear from the very nice girl who "just got out of a really serious relationship". You think it's an invitation to stick around until she's done with her "working on me" stuff. But to her, it's a very polite brush-off. Hear the message.

"I'm Not Good at Relationships"

Translation: Don't blame me when I screw this up. This is the classic pre-emptive rejection. Feel free to stick around now, this message says, but eventually I'm going to do something stupid or outright mean. Don't say he didn't warn you!

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