3 (Stylish!) Steps to Getting Naked

Given the happy conclusion it precedes, one might argue that any way of getting naked is a good way. There's a lot of appeal, for example, in just ripping off your clothes in 'have to have you now' haste, or in the no-pretense, comfortable strip with your longtime love, or even in the shy, lights-off-under-the-sheets shimmy out of your undies with someone new.

That said, sometimes slipping out of your clothes can be part of the fun, not just a necessary preliminary.

Ready to take it all off?

Strip Step #1: Dress Appropriately

Obviously, you're going to need to give some thought to the threads you'll be shedding. Pick something that's sexy, but doesn't make you uncomfortable (but do be willing to sacrifice a little comfort for artistic purposes - like teetering on those sky-high stilettos). Remember that convenience is key: you don't want to be struggling with too-tight pants, yanking a pullover off your head or hopping around trying to remove your socks.

Strip Step #2: Find A Rhythm

A little mood music is appropriate here. Doesn't have to be a particular genre, as long as it has a beat that gets your hips swiveling and puts that gleam in your eyes. If it's classic burlesque tunes or Frank Sinatra that does it for you, fine, but don't worry if you'd rather crank up Rhianna or The Ramones.

Strip Step #3: Move It

This isn't an audition, so don't worry about technique or choreography. Just enjoy the moment and the music, and cast plenty of come-hither eye contact. Vary the tone and temp of your movements - maybe working off one item of clothing tantalizingly slowly, but then ripping off another. Move around your audience (always staying just out of reach), and remember the cardinal rule of any foreplay: if you feel hot, you look hot.

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