Fun Flirting Tips. Tried Any of These?

Flirting is supposed to be fun. Most guys get so into the competitive aspect associated with flirting and they make it into something more serious. Flirting is supposed to be fun the same way that giggling about girls when you were in fourth grade was fun. Women aren't nearly as funny anymore, but you get the idea. Make a game out of it!

Smile. It's so simple, isn't it? You see a woman, you smile. It is not that easy, or else you would be hooking up a lot more often. Smiling is not only a perfect way to show that you're interested, it will also let her know that you are a nice, fun guy.

Become a Greeter. Amazingly enough, the best icebreaker, the best pick-up line, and the best way to approach a woman is to walk up to her, smile, and say hi. Practice how many times in one day you can say hi to women - even if you aren't really interested in them - as it will allow you to become used to the action. If you are not close enough to intimately say hi, smile and wave.

Hand out personalized business cards. Have some business cards made out of clever lines on them. You can even buy the pre-perforated blank cards at the office supply stores. Print some out with your e-mail address and phone number listed on them and add something creative to them. It'll beat giving her your actual business card and provide her with your work info.

Bond with her. If the object of your flirtation is someone you encounter often, make an ongoing joke with her about something. For instance, if she works in your grocery store, you could call her the Goddess of Grocery. The next time you see her you could work in a line about how much she must hate grocery shopping for herself. Inevitably, she will ask you if you found everything alright. The possibilities are endless. It's goofy but it will more than likely make her laugh and you might be able to ask her out after she warms up to you.

Be prepared for rejection. Here's where flirting turns sour: When she disses you. We all get turned down, even really slick guys (although they'd never admit it). Think of it as a numbers game. The more women you encounter, the more of a chance that you will get turned down - and the better your chances are to get a date.

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