First-Date Fashion Rules

You put plenty of consideration into who you asked out and where you're going to go. You brushed up on your date's favorite hobbies and even read a newspaper or two so you'd have something to talk about. Don't forget to put that same kind of care and attention into what you're wearing!

On a first date, you want the focus to be on you, not on your clothes. Here's how to dress for first-date success.

Do Your Homework

If you're going someplace unfamiliar, do some research into the location. You can call (or check online) for a restaurant's dress code. If you're attending a fancy annual event, look online for pictures from previous years. If you want to avoid surprises altogether, pick a venue you're already comfortable with, or arrange an "activity date," like hiking, which pretty much requires a certain kind of outfit.

Dress Up

It's always better to be a little over-dressed than under-dressed, especially on a date. Don't be the guy in a t-shirt and jeans when everyone else is wearing a jacket and tie. If you're not sure and worried about going too far in either direction, pick something "business casual," appropriate for work, but not too buttoned up.

Stay Classy

Play up your best assets, ladies, but don't wear anything too short, too tight or low-cut. You don't have to wear a burka: you can play up a great chest with a v-neck sweater, throw a belt around a tiny waist, or show off great legs in a skirt or dress. Just don't wear anything that might confuse you with a stripper.

Minimum Requirements

Guys, even if you're wearing jeans and a casual shirt, make sure it doesn't look like you just picked it off the floor. Whatever you're putting on, make sure it's neat and clean, with no visible holes or wear and no mysterious stains or smells.

Be Comfortable

When all else fails, pick something from your closet that has a history of making you feel happy and confident. Don't wear anything that will require frequent readjusting or that makes you feel self-conscious. Avoid buying a brand new outfit, or trying out a new "look." You don't want to look or feel uncomfortable. Just be yourself.

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