Drive Him Crazy With These Sexy Moves

You don't have to look like Kate Moss to drive your man wild. He'll jump your bones as soon as you try these moves:

  1. Do yoga in the nude. Pretend you're getting some exercise by getting into downward dog. But "forget" to wear your exercise clothes. Bonus Move: Do yoga in your nightie, but don't wear any undies, so he only catches tempting glimpses.

  2. Put your sexy toes into some sexy hose. When you're dressing for work, make a show of putting on your pantyhose. Don't wear the kind your mom buys at the supermarket. Try fishnets.

  3. Act like a klutz. Keep dropping pens and picking them up. Bend over strategically so that he can look down your shirt.

  4. Spill on your shirt. Put on a white t-shirt and "accidentally" spill water on it. Make sure you're not wearing a bra underneath.

  5. Show some thigh. Sit like a lady, but show some thigh while you do it. Hike up your skirt so he catches a glimpse of your curves.

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