Long-Distance Will Leave You Lacking

You know the odds, but you think love can conquer all. Think again! Repeat after me: "I don't do distance! I don't do distance! I don't do distance!"

Why not? Long-distance relationships often start out as a dream but end up as a disaster. Explore these aspects of dating from afar, and you'll end up with a healthy fear of this type of hookup.

Dream: We're so perfect for each other, and we'll find a way to be together somehow, someday.

Disaster: When the new wears off and the inability to see each other wears thin, your date will start seeking company closer to home.

Dream: You get these text messages and emails that pour out your lover's heart so that you can read and reread those passionate messages in your free time.

Disaster: You have a whole lot of free time...because you're never together. When you do manage to meet up in person, all those emotional exchanges are forgotten and you're negotiating the realities of reacquainting yourselves amid transportation challenges and time-limited trysts.

Dream: You two lovers want each other so badly you're willing to save up the sex until you can grab some long weekends. And in the meantime, sexy phone calls can satisfy the urge.

Disaster: Your lover wants you so badly when you're in the same city, but wants to be bad when you're not around. Out of sight, out of mind. You can't see what's happening, so you don't believe there's cheating and lying going down.

Dream: We've gotten to know each other slowly because we can't see each other every day. We really understand each other's hopes and dreams!

Disaster: You really haven't gotten to know each other much at all. Your lover does distance because emotional and physical space is important. When you're in the same city and the novelty wears off, are you really hoping to hear that snoring every night or dreaming about picking up those discarded clothes off the bathroom floor every morning?

Whether you got into the long-distance dating relationship as a dreamer or a doubter, be prepared for the "dis" in "distance" to take hold eventually. The long and short of it is that you deserve someone who is there for you.

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