Don't Let Him See You Cry

Guys hate to see a woman cry. Really. It turns them off.

Often, they figure they did something wrong to cause it. Or they didn't, and they don't know what to do to stop it. Strong men sometimes feel helpless and powerless in the face of tears.

Besides the "What did I do now?" moment, there are biological reasons guys don't want to see you cry. Actually, it's not so much seeing a woman crying as smelling a woman crying that turns men off. A study has found that there's some chemical element in tears that lowers testosterone when men smell it.

It apparently tells men that you're not in the mood right now. It also can lower their inclination toward hostility. When you're arguing, that can be a good thing.

Explain Your Emotions
So what can you do when you're so upset that you can't help letting those tears fall? Don't avoid crying in front of your guy. Talk it out. Tell him what's causing you to be upset. When you've expressed your emotions and calmed down, check how you're feeling.

If you need a hug—or maybe you're even ready for making up and making out—give him a touch. Connect with him. Look him in the eye and smile that smile meant only for him. Tell him you're grateful for listening and comforting you.

Clearly, testosterone affects sexual attraction, but so do your touch, your body language and the other smells that make you uniquely you. Even the smell of your sweat could attract or repel potential lovers, according to researchers.

Signal the Shift
If crying says, "closed for business," then you need to be aware of that and send a new message that you're willing to crack the door open. When the crying is done, put on some of that body lotion he loves. Or add a touch of the perfume that draws him in every time. Change the scent and you could change your signals.

Don't be afraid to cry in front of your guy when you have good reason. But when the sniffling is done and you want snuggling, use good scents to turn him on again.

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