Creative Ways to Get Closer

Think the only way to achieve a soulmate connection is by long walks on the beach, talking about your hopes and dreams?

Get real. Happy couples get and stay close in all kinds of crazy ways. Some you might want to try:

Tune In to TV

Who'd have thought that zoning out in front of the tube could help couples stay close? According to Dr. Gilda Carle, author of Don't Bet on the Prince, couples can learn a lot about each other by tuning into those reality dating shows. "They can examine motives, behaviors, reactions and laugh their heads off," she explains. "As they see how others behave, they can make their own relationship closer." Or rent a movie (try and see how the battle of the sexes plays out in classic romances or contemporary sex comedies.

Engage in Battle

Constant conflict is no friend to your relationship, but avoiding a fight is actually counterproductive to maintaining a solid union. If you keep your gripes under wraps, you allow resentment to build, which will eat away at your bond. Just remember that having an argument isn't about winning, it's about solving the problem in a way that keeps you both satisfied.

Shut Up

It's a myth that super-close couples are constantly chattering about their feelings. "The real test of intimacy is if two people can be alone and feeling each other's presence without having to fill every moment with words," says Carle. Just enjoying the lulls in conversation can bring you closer in ways words can't.

Nix the Nookie

Yeah, sex brings you closer, but eventually you hit that plateau where it's so expected, so routine, so....dull. Bring back that first-time spark by agreeing to abstain from sex for a reasonable period of time (we've never made it longer than a week or two, but you can try!). Use all that saved time to make out on the couch like you used to, or learn other ways to please each other. You may be surprised what you learn about each other.

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