How To Tell If Your Lover Is Cheating on You

Think your lover is getting some on the side? There's no need to hire a private investigator or purchase a home DNA kit. Here are a few clues that an invisible woman may be sharing your bed:

  1. Your lover starts working late. It's in every movie - suddenly your lover is spending late nights at work. Maybe he or she really is working late, but if you notice this sign in conjunction with others, why not send a pizza to the office and see if anyone's there to accept it?

  2. Your lover doesn't invite you out with him anymore. You used to be invited when he went out with the boys, but suddenly you're persona non grata. Maybe he needs some time alone with his friends - every man does - but there's a chance your lover isn't with them at all. Don't ask his friends for verification of your lover's whereabouts. Friends are trained liars, even if they seem like nice people.

  3. Your lover has new tastes. If he suddenly likes different cuisines - he was a meat and potatoes man and now can't get enough of Ethiopian food - pay attention. These may be the foods he's eating with his new paramour. He may also have a new taste in music. Is that "their" song that's playing over and over again in his car?

  4. Your lover starts looking sexy. If he suddenly splurges on new clothes, or bleaches his hair, it may be to impress a new love interest.

  5. He's impatient with you. A month ago you were the bees knees. Now he rolls his eyes every time you turn on the light. The only way he can cheat on you without guilt is if he convinces himself you are annoying, cold or terrible. If he convinces himself that you suck, he'll rationalize cheating.

  6. You're having no sex or new sex. If your lover won't touch you with a ten-foot pole, or only wants to perform complicated sex tricks that involve ten-foot poles, it's because he's having sex with someone else. His new tricks may be what he's doing with his other woman.

If these signs fit your lover like the condom you hope he's using, don't get crazy and start snooping. Ask him straight out, and then use your head, not your heart, to decide if he's telling the truth. Jealousy is ugly, but so is an unfaithful lover.

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