Break Out of Your Sex Rut!

Even the hottest couples can find their sex lives occasionally hit a snag. If your romance is snoozing instead of steaming, here are five new things to try.

Get Out of the House

Ever wonder why vacation sex seems so much hotter than your regular, old Tuesday night romp? Well, it may be the margaritas, but it's also the allure of a new locale. Fortunately, you don't have to book a ticket to Tahiti to enjoy that same boost in passion. Book a night in a local bed and breakfast, or, if you're going really low-budget, make out like teenagers in the backseat of the car.

Make It Quick

There are few things hotter than have-to-have-you-now nookie. Instead of your usual routine, take your lover by surprise by initiating a quickie the minute they walk in the door from work, right out of the shower in the morning, or whenever the mood strikes you.

Break Out the Blindfold

Cover your lover's peepers and let him or her enjoy the delicious thrill of wondering just where you'll touch them next. And you get to treat yourself to watching your lover writhe in anticipation of your next sexy move.

Play a Game

Though you'll be able to find plenty of commercially available sex games in your local adult boutique, it can just as much fun to make up your version. A standard deck of cards can be the catalyst for extended foreplay, when you designate each suit with a sexy action. So, for example, drawing a ten of hearts would mean you get ten minutes of oral pleasure. Or create four cardboard spinners (you can get those spin-able arrows at office supply stores). Mark one with an action (kiss, lick), another with the body part you'll do it with (lips, fingertips), how you'll do it (gently, passionately), and where you'll do it (breasts, stomach).

Make it Last

Remember how sexy just making out on the couch used to be when you were still looking forward to your first night together? What's the secret to getting back that feeling? Anticipation. If your usual carnal customs are a kiss here, a grope there and then moving right on to the main attraction, try letting a little expectation build. Just don't do the deed until you're positively begging for it.

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