Be The One They Never Forget

Everybody has that one flame they've never been able to forget. Often, that honor doesn't go out to the smartest, sexiest or best-looking person, but to someone who seems perfectly average to the rest of us.

Whether you'd just like that good-looking stranger to remember you long enough to set up a first date, or you'd like to ensure you're burned into the brain of your current paramour, we've uncovered the secrets of being unforgettable.

Sniff out your signature scent. Have you ever been walking down a busy street and caught a whiff of someone wearing your ex's cologne or perfume and felt instantly transported back in time to when you were together? Scientists say that our sense of smell has an important role to play in the mating game, and that's why we're so attuned to our sweetheart's scent. Be it your perfume, aftershave, laundry detergent or just your daily soap, being near your sweetie's nose means you'll be staying on their mind, too.

Teach a few new tricks. While most of us fancy ourselves to be experts on many things, we're almost always impressed - and don't easily forget - when someone teaches us something new and useful. Use your own expertise and show them how to do something they don't know, but should, like how to pick out a good red wine, or strum a power chord on an electric guitar. Not only will your honey appreciate picking up a new skill, they'll remember who they have to thank for it every time they use it.

Be the first. Few people forget their first kiss or first lover. While you may have already past those particular milestones, you can still be the first person to introduce your mate to plenty of other romantic landmarks. Be the first person to show your sweetie how sexy a shower can be, or pioneer your lover's inauguration to the Mile High Club.

Revel in your Uniqueness. Quite simply, an unforgettable lover stands out amongst the competition. Make sure your mate knows what makes you different from all the have-been and could-be bedfellows. So go ahead and brag about your parallel parking skills, knowledge of useless trivia, or your extensive collection of 17th century buttons. Let your sweetheart know you think they're lucky to have found such an exceptional soul. You need to think you're worth remembering if you expect your lovers to do so.

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