Be Her Best Ever

There's no magic formula for pleasing every woman, every time. But there are means to increase your chances of taking her to her pleasure peak--or even reach higher heights--on a more routine basis. And a satisfied woman is going to want you--and that magic you achieve--over and over again. Ready to make her addicted to (your) love?  Read on for the secrets. 

Big O Booster #1: Wake Up Her Brain Waves 

If you turn on her brain, her body will follow. So before you start thinking about sexing up her southern regions, you're going to have to spend some time seducing her mind.  Relate all your passionate plans for her, reveal your steamiest fantasies, tell her what turns you on about her. Make her feel like a sex goddess and you become the equivalent of coital cocaine; she won't be able to get enough of you. 

Big O Booster #2: Unlock Her Lust Lock 

Think of it like cracking a safe: in order to unlock her full lust potential, you just need to stumble upon the right combination of touch, tickle, caress and kiss that turns her into a breathless lust bunny. Speed up the process by playing a game so fun (and sexy) you won't believe you haven't done it already: get her to assign a numeric value to your foreplay moves (one being as pleasant as a good sneeze, ten being "take me now"). She'll be panting "ten!" faster than an Olympic diving judge on speed. 

Big O Booster #3: Have a Threesome. Kind of. 

Introduce a partner. A small battery-operated one, that is. Loathe as you may be to admit this little toy will get her buzzing in ways you can't, understand that she's not about to phase you out in favor of some gizmo. It's the combination of you and your little electronic friend that will send her over the edge. 

Big O Booster #4: Stick With What Works 

She's never going to reach nookie nirvana if you keep twisting her this way and that, trying to impress her with your porn-star moves. Sure, a little variety keeps things spicy, but to certify her satisfaction, find a move that works and stick with it until things reach their logical conclusion. 

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