Having a Bad Relationship Day?

Just like a moody Monday or a bad hair day, you can have a bad relationship day. It's a day when things just aren't going right with you and your sweetie, but you know it's only temporary. Still, it bothers you, doesn't it?

Well, when you're having a bad relationship day, there are some things you can do to feel better. Try some of these ideas:

  • Look at happy pics of you two together from a vacation or special day, such as a friend's wedding. Focus on the look in your eyes and the smiles on your faces. Think about how happy your honey makes you!
  • Make a new playlist of songs that remind you of your special lover. Maybe it's a hokey country song about kissing. Maybe it's a sexy rock song about shaking the walls. Maybe it's "your song" that makes you think of when you said the L word to each other. Add songs that you like to dance to, sing to, cook in the kitchen to, wiggle under the covers to, and snuggle on the sofa to.
  • Think about the top five things you love about your sweetie. They could be his kindness to animals, her way of making friends feel included, his cooking skills, her rocking body, his bedroom smile…the list could go on and on! The key is to think about those special qualities that only your lover has.
  • Look through your texts and find some touching unique note your honey sent you. Then find a beautiful outdoor scene that reminds you of relaxing times together, and use it for a background. Combine the text and the image into a picture quote. Save it as a background for your smartphone screen. That way, every time you check your phone you'll be reminded of how great your sweetie's words make you feel.

After you get the good vibes flowing again, send your sweetheart a text and photo that say, "I'm thinking of you and can't wait to see you!" This day might have been a bummer, but you can guarantee that this evening won't. Put a smile on both of your faces and banish the bad relationship day for good!

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