5 Lust Musts

If you've managed to keep your sex life set on a low, but steady, simmer, you've got no reason for complaint. But when you want to bring your passion to a full boil, here's how you can really turn on the heat. Is it getting warm in here?

Lust Must #1: Make Some Noise

It's easy to get exactly what you want in bed — you just need to let your partner know what really gets you going. All those moans and groans, sighs and screams, are great affirmation—and hot to hear.

Lust Must #2: Light Up the Night

We all know guys get off on visual stimulation. But so do gals! According to research by the Kinsey Institute, women show physical signs of arousal to a wider variety of images than men do. So don't discount the aesthetics of your bedroom antics. Keep the lights on.

Lust Must #3: Seal It With a Kiss

Many couples, even though they're still getting sexy with each other on a regular basis, tend to let those steamy smooches from their early days slip away. Make time for tongue twining. Just ten-seconds of lusty lip locking will have you feeling passionate instead of platonic.

Lust Must #4: Be Brazen About Your Bod

Carnal confidence is sexy, so work that sexy body. Besides, it's hard to concentrate on all the great feelings if you're worried about whether you're making a weird face or if your butt looks big from that angle.

Lust Must #5: Show Some Excitement

We're pretty sure there is no mention in the Kama Sutra of a position wherein you lie motionless on your back whilst staring blankly at the ceiling. There's good reason for that — unenthusiastic loving has zero erotic appeal. Move around. Climb on top. We all know it's way more fun to fool around with someone who loves sex. That's why they call it passion, silly.

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