Was Wife Taunting Him?

Q: After a night out drinking, my wife and I started talking about other people when she suddenly said, "I could sleep with him if I wanted to." I have always wondered what she really meant by that. Did it mean that she was fantasizing about him or maybe only trying to make me jealous? When I told her that of course he would be willing, she dropped the subject. As far as I know, nothing happened between them although she had plenty of chances with him as well as others. -- George, 42

Dr. Susan: It's so easy to say foolish things when you're drunk. I'm sure you realize that yourself. So what I think your wife was doing was pushing the boundaries a little by showing off her sexual power to you. Sure, she enjoyed your jealous response. But I don't think she was necessarily sharing that she had a crush on this guy, or any guy.

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