An Older Woman

Q: There is this woman I have known for six years now. She feels the way I feel about her but won't act on it because of our age difference. Can there be true love despite the age between us? -- Travis, 22

Dr. Susan: Yes, "true love" is possible between two people of vastly different ages, backgrounds, interests, ethnicities, and so on. But if one of the partners feels awkward about the age difference, it's usually best to move on. An older woman with a younger man? Could be fun and deeply satisfying for a while, for both of you. But if she is looking ahead a decade or two and doesn't feel comfortable with what she imagines, I wouldn't try to push her. Your experiences are so different, and you're actually so young (having known her since you were in the middle of high school), that I am not surprised she won't act on her feelings. It would make more sense for you to get some experience in the world before shutting down all possibilities.

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