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Q: My girlfriend likes me to wear spandex type exercise pants (I do have a nice body), when we are out walking. The other day we stopped at a Starbucks, and someone mentioned the pants as being indecent. What is the proper rule about that? I'm sure it's not illegal to strut your stuff, or is it?. My girlfriend actually liked the reaction. -- Dave, 34

Dr. Susan: Different cities have different rules about public indecency, though I don't think wearing spandex-type pants in public is illegal. Private businesses have certain standards that your showing off may go against. Would you want your girlfriend to wear something really low-cut or really short to a coffee shop? She's being exhibitionist by proxy. She gets a thrill out of thumbing her nose (or your stuff) at society's expectations. She likes the attention, and only you can decide if you're fine with getting attention that way. To me, it just seems kind of childish.

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