Mind Games

Q: There's this girl that I have liked since my junior year in high school. We used to talk to each other but some really bad things happened and we stopped talking. My senior year I started talking to her again, and since then we have hung out a lot. She went to a bonfire with me and some friends and the only person she knew was basically me. Lately however, when I call she doesn't call back, and when we plan to hang out she cancels the day before. But when we actually do hang out it seems like she wants to continue into a good relationship. Is she just playing mind games or does she really want to hook up? -- Floyd, 19

Dr. Susan: I suspect this girl is only playing mind games with herself. She has fun when she's with you, but some part of herself has wised up that there is no future in her relationship with you. When people don't call you back and keep cancelling your dates, that almost certainly doesn't mean they secretly long to hook up with you. Sounds to me like your days as a couple have come and gone. So stop wasting your time.

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