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Q: My girlfriend broke up with me because she wasn't happy. She barely texted me with short answers about 3-4 times a day (not much). I went to a club, and she was there. She saw me dance with one or two girls, and the next day she got kind of mad at me for it. If she got mad, does it mean she still likes me? After that day she has been texting me more, not much more, but more. We have hung out before and she seems great, like back to her fun self in person, but then when she leaves, it's back to very little texting. She invited me to her apartment once, but I was working. Is this a good sign or not? -- Joe, 20

Dr. Susan: Relationships should never require a crystal ball. I realize this is a generational thing, but I don't get why her not texting you "enough" would be a serious reason for anything. Maybe she just prefers to interact in person. Maybe she finds texting too limited to be meaningful. If she invited you to her apartment AFTER you broke up, then it sounds as though she doesn't know what she wants. As for her getting mad or jealous when she saw you dancing with other girls, it means she's still emotionally entangled with you, but that's not a great basis for getting your hopes up about anything. She doesn't sound quite ready for a mature relationship.

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