Cross-Dressing for Spite?

Q: My wife started wearing my jeans, then socks, then my shirts and shorts, and now my boxers! So, I started wearing her panties, then her bras, and now I go out and buy my own and nothing was ever said about it. Is this common in other men, and how do their wives feel about it? - Chad, 40

Dr. Susan: Is it common for men to dress up in their wife's underwear for spite? Okay, all you men out there, shout if you've done this too. . . . Hmm, I'm hearing a pretty loud silence, Chad. Let's say that means that those men who enjoy dressing up in women's underwear do so for other reasons than to get even with their wives. Where does that leave you then? Maybe you're a guy who enjoys wearing women's undies and was looking for an excuse to get started? Finding out how other men's wives feel about their cross-dressing isn't going to help you (and this isn't one of my specialties, so I can't answer that except by an Internet search, which you can do as well). What you need to find out is what's going on in your own marriage. So talk to your wife about all this. Did she run out of clean underwear one day and decide to try on yours? Does it arouse her in some way? Does it arouse you to wear hers? That would be convenient, as you'd have a shortcut to a turn-on for both of you. Short of that, I'd say that at least one of you has a new private behavior that probably isn't hurting anyone.

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