Gal Pal Texts Too Much

Q: My girlfriend has two girlfriends that she is always text messaging. She's very secretive about what they are sending her and what she is sending them. It has me wondering. What do you think it means? -- James, 18

Dr. Susan: Your girlfriend sounds like a high school kid, James. Text messaging is a way of keeping in touch, and for her it's obviously a way of being all girly and giggly with her friends. Her urge to keep her messages, and thus her thoughts, secret from you could mean she'd rather have real girlfriends than a real boyfriend. Not that she needs to share her messages with you, but she could at least tell you the general subject. Maybe she's chatting with her pals about a guy one of them likes. Then again, with all the secrecy, she could be chatting about some guy SHE likes, who isn't you. Secrets have a way of messing with relationships. Tell her you feel left out of her life, but remember, she's also entitled to a life of her own apart from you. If she seems trustworthy in other ways, drop the subject for now.

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