Long Distance Drama

Q: I have been involved in a long distance relationship for the past two years. It's honestly been so much fun, and I am so in love. I am currently going to school and plan on graduating in three years. This means that I cannot move anywhere just yet. But my girlfriend is getting antsy and doesn't think she can wait anymore. She told me it was fine for the first year and a half but now she can't wait anymore. She can't move to me because she runs her ill father's store in her hometown. Is it time that this relationship ended? Should I take a break from school? I'm so confused. -Bryan, 25

Dr. Anna: If you simply give up school and move to her, are you going to end up resenting her for it later? You two need to sit down and have an honest conversation about the relationship. It sounds like she has a need for a partner who is physically present. It sounds like you have a big investment in finishing school. Can there be a compromise? Would transferring to a school closer to her be an option? Would it be possible to find ways to spend more time together in the meantime? Healthy relationships are built on honesty, recognizing each other's needs, and compromise. Sit down and talk it out—it may be possible to find a solution that works for both of you.

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