Where's "The One"?

Q: Most guys would say I'm lucky: I date around a lot, usually seeing at least two or three women at a time. These "relationships" usually fizzle after a few weeks, either because they lose interest or I do. Then I meet someone new. While it's not just about the sex — these aren't one-night stands and I treat these women well — I never seem to keep things going past the one-month mark. Have I just not met "the one" yet, or is this a sign of a problem? - Will, 32

Dr. Susan: When you meet "the one," she may not stick around when she finds you're seeing a couple of other women at the same time. I think you may have a problem, and it's either that you're avoiding commitment or you're dating inappropriate women that have no chance of being keepers. Perhaps it's time to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results. Search out some new places to meet women, talk to them for a while before dating, and stick with one at a time. If that doesn't work, consider deeper issues.

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