Stuck as "Just Friends"?

Q: I've been friends with this girl for two years. I have gone through a lot with her and her family, and I have seen her go through boyfriend after boyfriend. When she talks to me about what she wants in a guy I fit every piece. All of her family thinks we should be together, but she doesn't see it. I have never felt this way about anybody. What do I do? --Cody, 20

Dr. Susan: What you do is stay friends with her if you want to, but have no expectations that she will ever see you as more than a friend. She's got you stuck in the friend category. When that happens, it most often stays that way. It makes no difference that you and her family believe you fit her boyfriend checklist. If the chemistry isn't there for her, you have to accept that. Perhaps you could spend less time with her and make an effort to meet more women.

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