Wife Dresses Too Sexily

Q: I work at a prominent company in a large city. Because of this, I am often required to attend work dinners and galas. My wife has begun to dress inappropriately and too revealingly for these events. She recently lost a good amount of weight and is proud of her new figure, but I feel there is a time and place to show it off—and not at my job. I don't want to hurt her feelings but I also need to present myself professionally. How do I tell her to cover up?—Stan, 51

Dr. Susan: It's best that you be frank. Explain that you understand your own company's special culture better than she does, no matter how much she might try. And could she please trust you on that? In your particular work environment, nobody dresses revealingly. Further, explain that you're thrilled at how good she's looking and you'd love to find times and places for her to show off. Just not at times when it could make YOU look less than utterly professional. Add that you thought hard about how to say this in a non-hurtful way, and you hope she is okay with toning down her outfits.

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