Her Flirting is Almost Like Sex

Q: If a married woman flirts with other men, and in doing so, borders on having sex with them, how can a spouse ever trust her again? Should she cease and desist such conduct? — Tony, 77

Dr. Susan: There's a sort of gentle verbal flirting or teasing that's meant to be fun, although it can still upset the third party who isn't being flirted with. And then there's serious flirting that is intended to hurt. I suspect your wife is crossing boundaries with her flirting. She's either totally clueless about the effect she's having on you, or she's trying to get a rise out of you for some reason. I'd want to know if the rest of your relationship is okay. To answer your question, of course a married woman shouldn't flirt in the outrageous way you describe. While some women never go beyond the flirting stage, it's still cruel to play with a partner's feelings.

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