Email-Only Pal?

Q: After I met this wonderful guy three months ago, he moved abroad. We've only been in communication by email since then. He called once, but I missed it. I like him. Our conversations by email are interesting and friendly. Sometimes he emails a lot and then there are no emails for a while. So I email and he responds. Still, general and interesting, but friendly. Should I move on, because I would like to be in a relationship? There is no indication that he is interested except for the emails. -- Candy, 45

Dr. Susan: Emails are easy. Love is hard. And building a true love relationship when one of you lives in another country is pretty near impossible. If you want a real relationship with this fellow, what are the odds? Is he coming back to your area soon? If not, you need to move on yourself. Find someone you can grow into love with, that is, someone you can see, hear, and touch. No need to make a big announcement. Just stop emailing him and see if he does anything. He probably won't.

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