Mr. Perfect is Her Boss

Q: I have always had bad luck finding Mr. Right. They are usually nice at first but turn out to be real jerks. That is until I found who I believe could be the one. He's nice, caring, and extremely funny. The only problem: he's my boss. I never really thought of him in this way, but recently at an office holiday party, we started talking. I think I started having feelings for him that night and it wasn't just the alcohol. I can tell he feels the same way because he totally flirts with me every morning. My other co-workers sense it too. But is this my luck? That I would find Mr. Right and he'd be my boss? Is this something I should just shut down right away before it gets more serious? I just worry because what if he is the one for me? -Beth, 35

Dr. Anna: Yikes! This is definitely a tricky situation. Staying in the same position and dating your boss could turn out very badly, especially if you would be forced to keep the relationship a secret. Would it be possible to transfer to another position in your company? Or might it be time to advance in your career and find a new job anyway? That would leave you free to pursue a relationship without the complications of him being your boss. Ultimately, you have to decide what is right for you.

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