Social Media Nightmares

Q: Nobody is denying that social media has its perks. I have found it to be beneficial for my own personal business where I sell homemade beauty supplies. Sometimes it can be a real problem. I realized this first-hand when my husband recently created a Facebook account. At first he thought it was stupid and didn't want to be bothered. But now, after he created it, I notice he's always posting, and I can see who he is becoming friends with. A lot of his new "friends" are girls, and to be honest, I'm not exactly cool with that. I admit I am on Facebook a lot, but it's mostly to promote my business. How can I tell my husband that I think he should delete his account? -Carol, 33

Dr. Anna: Instead of outright demanding that he delete his Facebook account, try talking to him first. Sit him down and calmly let him know you have some concerns. Tell him that his newfound "friendship" with so many females is making you a bit nervous and uncomfortable. Sometimes people new to social media just need some help understanding the rules and etiquette. Come up with a plan together. Fair's fair—if you want him to delete his account, you should be willing to delete yours as well. Probably better for you two to start talking about some ground rules and expectations for social media together.

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