Single Mom Seeks Man for Rescue

Q: I'm a single mom to three kids. That makes it hard to date. Plus when guys find out I don't have a job, they seem to get turned off real fast. How can I get a job when I've got three babies to take care of? I need a man who will take care of me. They just seem to want someone to sleep with every once in a while who doesn't expect a phone call or text every day. Where are all the good guys who are willing to treat a woman right? --Sarah, 29

Dr. Susan: Gosh, I would run a mile if I were a guy confronting a relationship with you. It appears you have a strong sense of entitlement. You want a guy to "take care of you," even though you have three kids and no income. Sure, if someone falls in love with you and can afford it, it would be lovely if he would support you. Usually a single mother, especially of three babies, has to find ways to make ends meet without depending entirely on a guy who may not even exist.

Try not coming on strong the next time you meet a nice man. Don't give off vibes that you're hunting for someone to take on the full burden of you and your kids. Don't fall into bed with anyone for a while. Let your babies grow up a bit before latching onto another guy. The truth is that there are a lot of lonely good guys out there, but not all of them have the same ideas as you do about treating a woman "right." Meanwhile, check into every possible resource to get yourself trained for an eventual job.

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