Her Sexy Dreams Cause Her Guilt

Q: I have a problem that makes me feel guilty. I'm happily married, but I keep having sexy dreams about other guys. One night, I dreamed about one of my coworkers and it was so hot! I'm embarrassed now when I see him at work because I can't believe I was thinking about him in that way. Plus I dreamed about my next door neighbor. So now when I'm talking to him and his wife, I feel all weird inside like I shouldn't be near him. I kinda feel like I'm cheating on my husband by dreaming about these things with other guys. Does it mean I want to cheat? What's wrong with me? -- Samantha, 51

Dr. Susan: Let me assure you that there's absolutely nothing wrong with you! Everyone dreams and everyone has fantasies, but not everyone feels guilty. I'll bet you ten dollars that your husband has sexy fantasies about women he knows or encounters over the course of a day. Many or most men like to imagine other women, other bodies, when they're making love to their wives. Think of it as one of nature's little loopholes to make lifelong monogamy a bit easier. That guilt you feel is probably a childhood holdover, or something a religion tried to instill in you. You're doing nothing wrong. It's just your hormones and your subconscious conspiring to have a little fun.

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