Don't Men Court Anymore?

Q: I'm a 34-year-old successful woman with a great job, nice body, and lots of interests. I'm dating a few guys who seem to be attentive when we're together, but I feel like I'm the one who is always texting or calling to check in. It'd be nice to be courted a bit, but am I being old-fashioned? Is this the way men behave these days? I'm afraid if I don't keep things moving along I'll end up alone.— Teresa, 34

Dr. Susan: Rest assured that when you click with someone you're dating, he'll make an effort to keep in touch and get together. If you're not hearing from them, it usually means they're busy, dating around like you are, and not in a big hurry to see you again. I don't know if guys "court" the way you seem to want, as equality is more and more the norm. But that doesn't mean you should have to do all the work.

Make sure your texts and calls "to check in" aren't pesky. Maybe all the guys you've been dating are the practical kind who only text or call when they have a specific outing in mind. Try not to show your desperation. Good relationships can't be forced.

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