He Wants Her to Cook Meat

Q: My husband and I have very different eating habits. He's a carnivore and I prefer to eat lighter, cooking more vegetables and rarely eating meat. I've prepared the meals for many years, but I'm increasingly uncomfortable cooking meat—from handling it to the way it smells up the house. I can't expect him to change his diet because of me, but at the same time, I'm his wife, not his cook. What is a reasonable compromise on this sensitive issue? — Evelyn, 57

Dr. Susan: You are a sister of my heart! You're eating healthfully and sensibly, while your husband still prefers a meat-heavy diet. This seems to be a not-uncommon quandary, but it's one that two people who care about one another ought to be able to work out. Here's what we do in my house: I only prepare vegetarian meals. My husband who lusts after a hamburger or other meaty dish sometimes, eats one when we are away from home, or brings one home with him. When we bring in pizza, I take his beloved pepperoni off my slices. I would think your mate might be willing to prepare a meaty meal for himself once or twice a week, perhaps making enough for two nights or enough to freeze for another day. I'm sure you've done this already, but do show him the studies that show less meat (certainly red meat) is better for one's health.

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