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Love Myths: Busted

Love Myths: Busted

Whether it's in the movies or the media, there are lots of faulty facts out there when it comes to the subject of love. The stuff that makes for great romantic movies and books - "Love means never having to say you're sorry" for example - can make for bad, bad relationships.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Only you could convince me to shave my back.
  • I made a wish on a falling star, and you just made my wish come true!
  • Whoop! Whoop! I apologize for pulling you over, but I have to write you a ticket for driving men crazy.
  • My last name is "Visa," because I'm everywhere you want to be!
  • Are you the tiger on the Frosted Flakes box? Because you're looking "Grrrrreat!"