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My favorite "dirty" food that I can't live without is:
Ground beef
Ground turkey
Pre-packaged tossed salads
Cold cuts
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10 Dirtiest Foods That Can Make You Sick

Open your refrigerator. Take a good look inside. Chances are you have some of the dirtiest--and most dangerous--foods in there. Eat them and you could get very sick.

Men's Health magazine has identified the 10 dirtiest foods--from bad burgers and dangerous deli meats to hazardous health foods.

The Dirty 10:

1. Chicken
In one study cited by Men's Health, more than 40 percent of chicken samples contained bacteria that can sicken, including E. coli.

2. Ground Beef
Simply because of the way ground beef is made through heavy processing, it has the potential to be loaded with deadly E. coli bacteria and more.

3. Ground Turkey
One in four packages of ground turkey tested by Men's Health contained bacteria. This becomes a greater concern as more people substitute ground turkey for ground beef thinking it's a healthier alternative.

4. Oysters
Beware of raw oysters! Many are tainted not only with bacteria, but also the Norovirus.

5. Eggs
The incredible edible egg is also associated with more than 600,000 cases of food poisoning each year and more than 300 deaths. Cook eggs completely and never eat them raw.

6. Cantaloupe
Cantaloupe rinds often contain dangerous bacteria that are hard to wash away. Cut through that rind with a knife and the bacteria can be transferred to the fruit.

7. Peaches
This favorite juicy summer fruit is dangerous because the peach fuzz makes it difficult to clean off all the pesticides.

8. Pre-Packaged Tossed Salads
These bagged salads are one of the greatest conveniences of the past decade, but they can also be one of the biggest sources of food poisoning since the contents are often contaminated with E. Coli, according to Men's Health.

9. Cold Cuts
It looks like delicious shaved ham or turkey to you. But it could contain the dangerous bacteria Listeria, which is especially risky for infants and the elderly. Listeria can be spread by the deli slicer, and it can even grow in a cold refrigerator. What can you do? Experts advise you to transfer the deli meat to a fresh package when you get home and only buy enough for one week at a time.

10. Scallions
If these green onions are left uncooked, they have the potential to become bacterial breeding grounds. They've also been linked to fatal outbreaks of Hepatitis-A.

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