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Would you ever get a butt facial?
Sure! Sign me up.
If I could afford it, I would.
No way. That's gross.
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Hot New Trend: A ''Butt Facial''

Don't be the butt of jokes! The hottest new fashion accessory is a butt facial to lift that sagging derriere. And it's going to cost you.

You may be the perfect weight, but if you have a droopy derriere, that sexy swimsuit will look best with a pretty cover-up. What you need is a "butt facial," a new spa treatment that promises to tighten, lift and tone the posterior, which has some calling it a butt lift.

The noninvasive procedures, which aren't cheap, clean and detoxify the skin. Some go even further using microdermabrasion or microcurrent therapy to rid the buttocks of cellulite deposits, acne and other skin problems, reports Agence France Presse.

"People want to look great all the time so why not there?" Kristine Panariello, who runs a spa boutique in New York City, asked AFP. "You definitely see a major difference in the silhouette of the body." She charges a staggering $650 an hour and recommends at least two sessions for the best results.

Although women are the vast majority of clients when it comes to butt facials, a few men seek out the procedure, typically athletes who sweat a lot and break out.

Smooth Synergy spa in New York City has a three-step butt facial that promises to give clients a perfectly smooth and polished backside:

  1. The derriere is exfoliated with a papaya mint scrub.
  2. The skin is lifted and toned using microcurrent therapy in which electric currents are used to stimulate the skin and muscles.
  3. The entire body is given an organic spray tan to achieve "that total bombshell look."

Be forewarned: Like a facial, this isn't permanent. With luck, it will last through bikini season, but not much longer than that.

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