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Which of these word combinations would most confuse you?
Cell phone vs. mobile
Pantyhose vs. tights
Subway vs. tube
Soccer vs. football
Fanny vs. bottom
Suspenders vs. braces
Trunk vs. boot
Coat vs. jacket
Faucet vs. tap
Diaper vs. nappy
I don't know.
Funny! Top 10 Most Confusing Words

Just because Americans, Canadians and Britons all speak English, it doesn't mean we use the same words. Confusion and sometimes comedy reign when vastly different words are used for the same thing.

For example, Americans call it a cell phone, and Brits call it a mobile. That's easy enough to figure out, but things can get trickier. While Americans call their derrière a "fanny," that same word means vagina in England. Tip to Americans traveling in Great Britain: If you're carrying a fanny pack, best to not name it as such.

The United States, Canada and Great Britain are three nations divided by a common language, say speech experts at SpinVox, a global leader in voice to text messaging, who conducted a survey in the three countries to figure out which words create the most confusion in everyday language. They asked more than 3,000 people which words they preferred to use to denote the same item.

The top 10 most confusing words with the same meaning between Americans and Brits:

  1. Cell phone vs. mobile
  2. Pantyhose vs. tights
  3. Subway vs. tube
  4. Soccer vs. football
  5. Fanny vs. bottom
  6. Suspenders vs. braces
  7. Trunk vs. boot
  8. Coat vs. jacket
  9. Faucet vs. tap
  10. Diaper vs. nappy

The top 10 most confusing words with the same meaning between Canadians and Brits:

  1. Washroom vs. toilet
  2. Chesterfield vs. sofa
  3. Entrée vs. starter
  4. Hydro vs. electricity
  5. Runners vs. trainers
  6. Serviette vs. napkin
  7. Touque vs. beanie hat
  8. Knapsack vs. backpack
  9. Pogey vs. dole
  10. Pants vs. trousers

--From the Editors at Netscape

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